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Artwork by Kevin K Phillips

Artwork by Kevin K Phillips

Drawing of an Author

I’m 58 years old have been drawing since 5. Self taught in watercolor and pastel. Have been practicing with various techniques over the years. Stopped drawing for 30 years or so just started back 4 years ago, I think I’m getting the hang of it again.

For me art is my therapy of sorts I go to another place my mind sharpens and focuses like a high almost especially if it turns out ok.

I am determined to be a portrait artist in watercolor, it just the way it looks so undefined but complete.

I hope to learn how to draw the human form correctly and study they body and all of its geometry its like music in the way it curves twists bulges and turns a symphony of muscle and bone.

I think the Drawing Academy has the detailed study and discipline I need to be a professional one day.

I want to win this course to see just how well my skill is and take it to its limits.

I should be voted for because I see the world through a different lens and perspective and I would like to share my insights with the world.

Artwork by Kevin K Phillips

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