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Artwork by Keith

Artwork by Keith

Gorgeous art

I have been drawn to beautiful art – drawings, paintings, colorful pictures, thoughtful flower arrangements or eye-catching patterns everywhere – since childhood. I knew since then I want to learn to draw and/or paint well.

I try to draw something everyday. Mostly I am interested in drawing portraits, faces and figures, or would simply doodle geometric shapes if time is limited. Over the last 15 years or so I have invested a lot of money in online art programs and books, and I am still learning from these.

The challenges I face in doing art are still the same ones when I started out: for example, what is the best way to start a drawing? Or what is the most effective way to measure or sight proportions? There are a myriad ways of doing this, and every portrait presents unique challenges. It would be easy to follow the same steps as you did the previous one or two, but it does not always work out like that. Also, although drawing what you know about form is more helpful than drawing what you see (you know what you are looking for in a portrait or figure, for instance), it can trip you up if your observations are not spot on. It is easy to end up with generic faces and miss the particularity of the model.

I want to learn how to find my own artistic voice. This is something that comes with ample practice, I know. But that is what I want eventually.

There is something old-world (like in Da Vinci old-world) about The Drawing Academy course. I want to learn about these artistic skill sets, and impart them to my own drawings. That would be so cool! Hence, this is my primary motivation for wanting to win the course. As I said earlier, I want to learn to draw and paint well.

People should vote for me because I want to make beautiful art. No earth-shattering mystery there!. It’s not needed.

Artwork by Keith

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