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Artwork by Jenga Garcia

Artwork by Jenga Garcia

Street of Dreams

My name is Jenga, and I paint because I wake up with the urge to create, to record moments in my life journey. My art is my conversation with the world. It tells the story of who I am, and where I am both mentally and emotionally. It is also my way of getting out there and seeing the world. Every piece that finds a new home is some place I’ve never been, but a small part of me now resides there. Art enables me to meet new people with the same interests and share my story, I find that comforting in a way.

I feel that ALL aspects of art are a challenge. Always wanting to improve and you never stop learning. Finding new ways to approach a problem, or just experimenting outside your comfort zone. All of these can be challenging. Often times I get frustrated when I have problems translating my thoughts to canvas, whether it be composition, color, or anatomy issues. Every part of the process is equally important, and there are times I struggle with each of them.

I would like to improve my anatomy, so that I can draw with a better understanding of the human form. I also want to learn painting techniques that help bring a painting to life, not necessarily realism, but a painting that has elements that come together in such a way that the painting can resonate with others.

I think the Drawing Academy and Web Art Academy courses are wonderful. What an incredible resource and inspiration for those who not able to attend an atelier. To have that guidance by an experienced and seasoned artist who is willing to share their knowledge with you is like jumping back in time to a master and apprentice experience.

I would like to win the course for the same reason I hope people vote for me, I will put the knowledge to good use. I will work hard to apply what I have learned and hope that my art will have a stronger conversation with others who view it in the future.

Artwork by Jenga Garcia


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