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Artwork by Gustavo Rivera

Artwork by Gustavo Rivera


Hi, I’m Gustavo Rivera and I am artistically known as Gutí. I am a graphic designer and plastic artist with strong impressionist influence. At present I combine elements of graphic design with painting, such as acrylic with media, inks and oil. In my drawings I show an interest marked by artistic detail, without falling into excessive photographic realism.

As for my challenge in art, I have been dedicated to graphic design far from drawing and painting for 20 years, but now I have returned to them and now I work on the completion of my most recent works with a view to making an exhibition of them In the medium term. The collection is titled “Pedes in Terra” and there are more references in my artistic page: facebook.com/arte.guti (in Spanish because I am from Costa Rica, please take a look).

My work requires a lot of mastery of drawing, mainly human figure and that is why I am very interested in perfecting my technique and learn more others that I have seen in the page of Drawing Academy.

I really like your study plan, especially the orderly and visual form of your videos, reinforced with short texts and easy to understand, even though I have only been able to access the demos. I really would like to win this contest because I have just turned 53 and I do not have many opportunities to fund a study plan as complete as this one at Drawing Academy.

If people had the opportunity to know my exhibition project, they would understand why it is so important for me to perfect my drawing and I would ask them to vote for me because I want my voices to express a great sensitivity that can only be achieved with a mastery of drawing.

Artwork by Gustavo Rivera

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