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Artwork by David, Drawing Academy student

Artwork by David, Drawing Academy student

Always learning

The piece is an unfinished study idea dealing with our social stigma between beauty, age, and trying to keep youth. We struggle to be young and race against time.

I’m art college trained and have drawn and painted since I can remember. But as Vladimir states, we have lost the skills of technique. I loved and appreciated the technical aspects that I so needed to add to my arsenal. Absolutely built my confidence more. With the right tools I believe we all can draw, then it’s what we draw that later makes us unique.

The plan for this piece is to take the idea further by modeling it in a 3D software, establishing the lighting more correctly, then taking it back to the real world by painting it on canvas incorporating more techniques from Natalie. The biggest challenge will be to keep the “life” within it and not to become “plastic and dull”

Artwork by David, Drawing Academy student

Always a student as an artist : )

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