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Artwork by Andrea Navarro Luque

Artwork by Andrea Navarro Luque

Through hardships to the stars

My name is Andrea, I’m 24, a self-taught art student living in a little city by the sea in South of Spain. We don’t have a proper art school here and my family definitely don’t have the money to send me abroad to study. Nevertheless, I decided to not give up and learn whatever I could by myself.

I’ve always enjoyed drawing and painting more than anything else, it has helped me cope with mental-illness and hardships in life like anything else. Art has that power.

What I crave the most for is improvement, that’s why I want to win this drawing course. I realize my self-taught methods are lacking without the guide of a professional. In this aspect, Drawing Academy has helped me a lot to focus on the aspects I was leaving behind in my education and, in a matter of weeks, I’ve noticed a great improvement just by studying the YouTube videos of Art Academy again and again. For instance, I have a lot of trouble with perspective. Adjusting the proportions of the human body to a certain perspective is a concept really difficult for me to grasp, I need to know more, I want to improve like anything else!

Artwork by Andrea Navarro Luque

My dream is to become a concept artist. I have the will to work on it, the confidence and the strength. I’m just lacking the money, please help me to win this course!


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  1. Ranecof says:

    Wow,Has a magnificent expression, distills violence and veteran in combat, I love the size and style of hairstyle, the fractions of the face, in addition to a cold and penetrating look.

    Amazing art, i hope you win!

  2. Alex says:

    Amazing artist that enjoying a lot drawing. I think she deserves a opportunity to learn more about drawing and keep growing in this world.

  3. patatabravaforthelulz says:

    The shades are incredibly well aplied! I can’t believe you are self-taugh! Hope you win! you deserve this more than anyone!!!

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