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Artwork by Abdulrhman M. Alfatih

Artwork by Abdulrhman M. Alfatih

My name is Abdulrhman Mohammed Alfatih and I’m from Sudan. I study in Nile Valley University, Faculty of Engineering and Technology. My topic of study is civil engineering. I love drawing very very much; It is my favorite hobby. I do my artworks in my bedroom and hall, and at any place in my home, on a bed or on the floor, or on a chair.

I have two challenges with my artwork and I hope you will help me to solve them. One of the challenges is to adjust the ratios between various parts and second is the coloring my artworks. I want to learn more about ratios and coloring and I want to find out how to do big artworks like in painting galleries.

The Drawing Academy is the best Art Academy for me to learn drawing online, and it is a classical Academy; I love it so much, I want to earn its Diploma.

I want to win this course to improve my drawing skills and to leran more methods of drawing.

People should vote for me because I deserve that. Thank you so much.

Artwork by Abdulrhman M. Alfatih


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