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Artwork and story by Nathalie Noirette

Artwork and story by Nathalie Noirette

I will Honor the vote you will attribute to me :-)


My name is Nathalie Noirette and I am from Mauritius. I am a designer, artist painter and an amateur photographer.

I love drawing since childhood. As many among us, I had a dream of making a living with my arts. When I was studying at school and while painting I feel in connection with an invisible force from above until now. I let myself driven by this beautiful force and when the painting is finished, the subject reveals itself. Arts is a way to understand myself and share to others these perception (my personal point of view).

When I grew up, I was told that there were no way that can make a living with Art (paintings). And I paint less. My dreams of doing arts and creates things was too intense that I couldn’t think of doing other things. I didn’t go further to learn paintings in high school but keep of practicing on my own and I wish you could give me the opportunity to learn drawing techniques from Drawing Academy, and by doing so I’ll be able to give better results and give more to others.

I start my career in the Textile design industry to full field my hunger for art & creativity, which became my obsession and passion as well as paintings. I did very well, but nothing was easy I had so much pain, sadness, discouragement, confusion, stress but also I gain experience, knowledge, success, values, friendship, vision, patience, joy and love and many good things which I realized now and feel very thankful to life. I work as a designer for 12 years and I had always hear a voice inside of me asking for paintings. Digital is a different things from drawing/painting with your hand and hear the sound of the brush or pencil, so as from last year I decided to quit my job and being self-employed and dedicate myself to learn, and help designing and create product/service to people.

Artwork by Debora Meggyesi

I have a vision and a goal, this is how I landed here :-) and feel very grateful to the Drawing Academy and to you people who is going to vote.

I would like to enter the Drawing Academy to learn the drawing techniques and get different point of view. This course is very important to me and it is what I was waiting for long time, I feel like I have missed a part of my life and this course will help me really. It is very challenging for me because it is different from what I used to paint. I take on the challenge to learn and Honor your vote which you will attribute to me to enter the course.

I love to help and see people happy, this is how I feel motivated in life. And art is a way of for me to communication and bring beauty from deep inside. I have a vision while I was searching a place to learn more about drawings. I would love to learn Golden Ratio drawing Technics, the Human body drawings and many more

I’ll honor your vote. This learning will not benefit for myself only but,with great knowledge I can do better work to bring beauty to living. I keep learning and improving in life :-)

Thank you very much for your time, I really appreciate you read until the end, best wishes Nathalie

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