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Art by Rodolfo Silva

Art by Rodolfo Silva

Weekly academic Figurative Art by Rodolfo Silva

I’m a drawing and sculpture journeyman at an atelier in Porto (Portugal) based of the French academies of the XIX century. I spend my days either drawing from life or sculpting from imagination.

Classical art (drawing in particular) have been my long time pursuit for nearly 3 years, before that I hated drawing and was frustrated by my childish attempts at representing both the human figure or architecture, which has since become my favorite subject in drawing.

I wish to enhance my skill set as an artist with the ability to draw from imagination intuitively as the old masters did and I believe that the construction approach of the Drawing Academy is the way to go. Merging that with my current knowledge of anatomy I hope to be able to work out more complex compositions from imagination that will, consequently, improve my sculpture as well.

My work currently focuses almost entirely on the human body drawn from life and classical statues also drawn from life, being that I’m starting to work on technical drawings in order to understand classical architecture a bit more. Being that as it may, my drawings tend to focus more on the comprehension of three dimensional form when being rendered rather than copying the values from life as it makes the work look more tangible and “sculptural”.

Art by Rodolfo Silva


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  1. ockpii says:

    Rodolfo is a guy whose innate stubbornness is a key aspect to his artsmanship and craft. It’s what makes him keep going on and on until he has perfected a certain skill. Definitely a must-have for anyone doing this kind of work, and it’s great to see that aspect of him in his development.

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