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Ann Catherine “Roa” D. Malubay

Ann Catherine “Roa” D. Malubay

The Humming Soul

I am an art enthusiast with deep passion in soulful art. I aspire to work with poetic substance. My interests are in things that are biblical. At the age of 7, born blessed but not wealthy; art has been introduced to me by my self-taught father, while we were morally supported by my mother. Since then I became addicted with the ecstasy brought by a finished artwork. Since I am the only child, art keeps me from melancholy, it has been my childhood companion and escape from boredom, when ever my parents are at work and nobody is there to play with me. Art became my portal to gain friends in different age and preferences; who doesn’t love art? 70% appreciates 30% creates. As I age my urge to create runs deeper, the passion grew even stronger. The more I learn in life the more I want to communicate to the world. I would like to create a powerful piece that showcase my faith, principles and realizations.

To win the Drawing Academy course, is a great opportunity for me to learn the principles and discipline of the masters; the classical-timeless way that I always dream of. I believe it can help me to “effectively” express my passion in an artistic manner. Knowing the techniques will help and guide me in the right direction to create with efficiency and cuts frustration and stress from constant trial and error in the process of drawing.

Drawing Academy as I observed; value a selfless teaching that cares in the potentials of their students without limits and politics.

People should vote for me because, have an art to share to the world. I would be grateful to be part of the academy as this course shall be utilize in creating a compelling work of art.

Ann Catherine "Roa" D. Malubay


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  1. RobertPaul says:

    Interesting piece. Really a work of art ! keep up the good work and you’ll reach your goal for sure :)

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