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A Patriot and Hero

A Patriot and Hero

Artwork by C.J.

A-Patriot-and-Hero My name is CJ and like many, art stirs my heart and has since I was a child. I’ve been blessed with a gift in art, and try at every chance to bless others through it. Over the years, my art has brought many people excitement and joy through gifts and portraits. My goal is to spread an appreciation for art, and through it, keep strong the gratitude for those who serve their country.

This graphite drawing was done for a friend, patriot, and hero of mine. His family cherishes this piece and it was one of my greatest joys to see it proudly hanging on their home wall. Through the Drawing Academy Course and it’s resources, I want to strive for excellence and use my skills to uplift fine art and the beauty it can bring to this world (and those it)!

The depth and quality of knowledge can hardly be matched for price being asked! I discovered this resource not long ago and have been looking for something like this my entire life. The opportunity to grow and develop as an artist is endless with Drawing Academy and I hope to be among the community very soon!

One of my deepest desires is to find ways to use my skills to bless others! It is an artists greatest joy to see others admire your work, and even greater when they genuinely comment on your efforts. The Drawing Academy Course would serve as strengthening medium to my desire and ability to spread the love of art and the appreciation the world has for it. As much as I would develop from this course, paying it forward over the years to come would be one of my greatest joys!

My work strives to promote the heroes and fine art of our world…and you voting for me can help! I’m confident the Drawing Academy Course will develop my skills in capturing the faces and moments often overlooked and under appreciated. Please help me use my gift to bless others!.

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  1. Lindsay says:

    This is great! Beautifully done and awesome attention to detail… I can see why your recipients enjoy your work. You’ve got my vote!!

  2. TashaS says:

    I went to high school with CJ. He is a talented individual on many levels and his love for God shows in all the work he does. I truly believe if he wins the contest he will use the resources to better his talent and share art with the world while praising his Savior along the way.

  3. Barton Pickens says:

    CJ is not only one of the best artist I have ever known but also one of the best Marines. His passion to always exemplify excellence in his duty to country, family, and Art have been an inspiration to me since I have known him. I got to know CJ in 2014 for over a year and every time he would show me a new piece he was working on it always took me back his attention to detail and passion for every single piece, not just to put out a bunch of work to to only put out perfection and if it did not meet that standard he would start over. It would not only bless him to be able to have this opportunity but it would bless any individual that gets to teach and work with him. He truly is a gifted and outstanding individual, honored to call him friend!

  4. Carol Ann says:

    CJ’s patriot and hero artwork certainly brings a feeling of pride for all the military represented. His detail in the soldier and the background are exceptional but I am draw to the eyes. They tell the story–United States proud! CJ has my vote.

  5. Aubrie Owens says:

    CJ is very talented and dedicated to art. Every time I have seen his work I am blown away by the beauty and detail in it.

  6. Tony says:

    I am a beneficiary of CJ’s work, which rests in my office. I often get compliments on it, and can only reply that it’s a reflection of the man who created it. I am excited to support CJ, and hope that he is able to continue to further develop his incredible talent.

  7. Thelma Jackel Hubbard says:

    CJ is so gifted in his artistic abilities. I have seen his artistic abilities grow over the years. Even as a child and teenager, his art pieces were very good. His pieces nowadays are totally awesome. I know he really enjoys using this gift to bless others, but above all, I know he strives to use it in a way to give all glory and honor to God and Country.

  8. Jennifer Hickle Carpenter says:

    CJ you are wonderful! You have captured the cadets and their uniforms so well! I believe that you are an amazing artist!

  9. CJB says:

    Thank you for the continuous support everyone! I’m humbled and grateful for each one of you, and it’s the encouragement over the years that has contributed to my growth and development.

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